Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dare To Wear Social Butterfly

Dare To Wear is not a brand I'm very familiar with but I've always coveted their polish. Recently, I took a chance and ordered 2 sets of theirs: Disco Tech and Dollhouse... glitterbombs, both of 'em. The Disco Tech glitters are blingier and more for layering, while the Dollhouse glitters tend to be more opaque and can be so in three coats. This is the first one I've worn from the Dollhouse set.

So I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm not a fan of pink. Occasionally a very deep, jewel-toned magenta or fuchsia... but generally no. Maybe once in a while, ironically. I wear a lot of black, I'm tattooed, I love rock'n'roll (especially 70's punk), I live in boots and an army jacket. My nail polish (and former makeup obsession) is pretty much the girliest thing about me (and I do embrace it), BUT pink is just stretching it a bit too far for me. Anyway. For some sick reason, Social Butterfly called to me today. And I answered.

These types of glitters: chock full of all shapes of hex & round & bar glitters, generally apply like oatmeal. The first two coats went OK, but the third was a bit of a chore. I'd definitely recommend keeping thinner on hand. Some of the glitter is holo and some is opalescent, but the pink base has a blue flash to it, and it gives the whole thing a pretty cool effect.

It's pulling a bit warm in these pics, and as usual, the glitter makes my camera go haywire. It reminds me of OPI Teenage Dream but more Barbie pink, and obviously with bar glitter. I kinda love it! It's totally against type, but maybe I need that every once in a while :)

On a totally unrelated note, I just got the most hilarious phone call from the Bay, where I had called to inquire about the status of the fall Chanel polishes. I recently decided that I needed Peridot and Graphite. Never bought a Chanel before. I got put on a list to be notified, but my experience with these "lists" that stores create is that you've got about a 50-50 shot of them actually calling you. And for an LE item that may sell out, this fact is unsettling, so I did some other research. In the interim, I decided to buy the polishes from the States and have them shipped to my mom's (and saved myself $20), but I have to wait a little longer for them. Since I hate shelling out the $$ to begin with, I decided I could wait. But today the Bay called! But seriously, this woman... where the heck did they find her?? She had *the most ridiculous* and possibly (most likely) fake French accent! I just about died. She raved, "Sar-huh!" (that's how she pronounced my name)  "Zee collec-shun is ahh-mahh-zeeeng!!" I almost laughed at her. Oh, Canada. 

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