Thursday, July 28, 2011

OPI Crown Me Already!

Blogger has improved so much since I regularly blogged last. It's awesome. So I tweaked the layout and took one of their backgrounds until I can find something new that I like. Yay! Also, I can make my pictures bigger... I had so many problems uploading images to Blogger before, and now I can just link them and the resizing is so much easier. 

So let's talk polish. OPI released a Miss Universe collection recently, and I hate myself for loving them. I got three of the four: Swimsuit... Nailed It, It's My Year and this one, Crown Me Already! 

It applied like uneven oatmeal but not in a bad way... if that makes sense. It was thick because it is so seriously loaded with glitter I'm not sure the polish can handle it. I especially love the uber large hexes going on here. Like platelets. It's really shiny, almost platinum, not as warm as it's pulling in my pictures.

That's three coats. You could probably layer it over a similar colored silver foil so you don't use so much polish. This polish is super sparkly and distracting, and I sort of love it (my camera, however, does not!). 

Did you grab any polishes from this collection? How about Swimsuit... Nailed It! ? That is some serious blue, it might be my favorite of all time. I didn't grab the berry colored shimmer that came with this collection... Miss Congeniality-something or other? Any opinions on it? 

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